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Scadenza: 30 Maggio 2011.

Design students and designers are asked to be confronted with a quite increasing global change, by creating innovative and pertinent solutions, through a process of participative design (final users taking part in the design process) and/or co-design (cross-generation team-building – young and elder designers collaborations).

The competition is open to design students and professional designers, either as individuals or teams, born or resident in one of the 27 European Union Member States.

The evaluation will be carried out in two phases and involve international experts.

Phase 1 – Screening process Entries will be pre-judged by representatives of the competition’s board of advisors. The pre-selection jury will decide on the basis of the product information and images. Any entries found to be incomplete vis à vis the above-mentioned documentation will be disqualified.

Prototypes request The 20 – 25 selected designers or teams will be informed and requested to organise the shipment of their prototypes, within the fixed deadline (see Entries)

Phase 2 – Final selection The final selection is based on prototypes only. The pre-selected designs will be judged by an independent jury of international experts that includes a president with a final casting vote. The members of the jury will meet in Brussels and select the winners. The selection and public announcement of the winner will take place in mid July, 2011 in Brussels.

Prize. The winning designers (1st, 2nd and 3rd prize-winners) will be informed by the EESC in writing and invited to Brussels for the awards ceremony and the opening of an exhibition of selected entries.

  • 1st prize: EUR 7.000,00.
  • 2nd prize: EUR 4.000,00.
  • 3rd prize: EUR 2.000,00.

The deadline for entries is 30 May 2011.

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