Idéobain 2012 – ModesDeBains

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A visionary space for discussions, creation and innovation at the heart of idéobain.


Located along the main axis of the show beneath the glass roof (Hall 1) and occupying close to 1,000 m2, the ModesdeBains space has been totally renewed for the 2012 show and is one of the highlight events of idéobain 2012.

Created by the architect Fabrice KNOLL, the space is open along all of its sides in order to encourage visitor traffic and interaction and dialogue with the stands of the surrounding exhibitors.

Its two focal points, a Discussion Centre and a Trends Centre, are connected by a ‘village square’. The main route for traffic runs between these two focal points and there is also concentrically arranged seating to allow visitors to relax, to make discoveries or to contemplate all the events, to talk, to reflect and to communicate.




The Discussion Centre features a conference forum, a reception/café, a bookshop, a space dedicated to installers and, finally, at the heart of the space the “Hotel Bathroom Prize” exhibition.
The Trends Centre consists of four raised bathroom sets that can be visited or viewed.

Each of these sets features a different style of bathroom created by 4 multi-disciplinary teams of designers, architects, stylists and installers, supported by the manufacturers. The various teams will be offering ambitious views of the future of the bathroom that combine creativity and inspiration.

“Bathincase” by Cédric Martineaud

“I compose, I recompose, I change the decoration, I fold, I refold, I move, I remove, I introduce, I connect, I reconnect, I invest sustainably.”

Working from the principle that there is no innovation without an evolution in behaviour, Cédric Martineaud has conceived a “high-tech” and “nomadic” bathroom.


“From morning to evening” by Mathilde Brétillot

Under the inspiration of Mathilde Brétillot, the bathroom becomes a theatre of multiple lighting scenarios, from tonic to calming, from comforting to the mysterious: morning, the freshness of dawn, children’s games; day, absolute calm, only the halo of the tub; evening, light and comforting gentleness, mysterious night…


“Green Waters” by Patrick Nadeau

Between utopia, fiction and reality, “Green Waters” takes as its theme the interaction between water and plants for a more ecological attitude.

This project illustrates and puts on show the latest advances in eco-design for the saving, recovery or natural filtration of water in bath spaces.

The “Green Waters” bathroom picks up on these efforts and their ability to produce an unusual aesthetic.


“SPA Trend” by Fabrice Knoll

A genuine personal care space, this bathroom breaks down the walls to allow nature in and to rediscover its liberty.
Conceived as a health trail where you can put together a care regime each day based on how much time you have to devote to yourself, amongst other features it offers a dressing table/make-up tester or a shower gel in butterfly wings…


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