MEMORABILIA designing souvenirs

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A call to the evocative power of objects, which have the ability to stimulate our memory and create new ‘madeleines of Proust’. The aim of this exhibition is to gather a selection of 60 objects which contain representative and recognizable traces of the history of each designer, of his/her place of birth or living, ethnic group and cultural background, in order to offer the public a mosaic of hints and souvenirs that mark individual and shared pasts and awake innovative ways to discover and contemplate an evolving society.


The projects have been chosen by an international jury (see the website for the complete list of names) from a selection of 400 candidates coming from 31 different countries. The winners of three prizes (International, Euregio Meuse-Rhine and Wallonia) will be announced at the opening event of the Biennial, 4 October 2012.


Participating designers:

Samuel Accoceberry (FR), Fabian Andreas (UK), Caroline Andrin (BE), Maya Ben David (IL), Bilboquet design – Daniel Colard & Julien Mottet (BE), Big-Game – Elric Petit, Grégoire Jeanmonod, Augustin Scott de Martinville (BE/CH/FR), Michaël Bihain (BE), Jeriel Bobb (NL), Sofie Boons (BE), Laure Cabanne (FR), CTRLZAK Art & Design Studio – Katia Meneghini & Thanos Zakopoulos (IT/GR), noumenon – Carl De Smet (BE), Raphaël Charles (BE), Louise Charlier (BE), deFact studio – David Richiuso (LU/BE), Emile De Visscher (UK), Benoît Deneufbourg (BE), Adélaïde Devos (FR), Romy & Lory Di Donato (BE), Jean-François D’Or (BE), Anna Gram – Florian Dussopt (FR/UK), Nedda El-Asmar (BE), en&is studio – Enrico Bosa & Isabella Lovero (IT), Emmanuel Gallina (FR), Jazzt Design Studio – Tonis Kiourktsis / Antonella Nikolopoulou (GR), Krizalidstudio – Emmanuel Gardin (BE), Vincent Gerkens (BE), Davy Grosemans (BE), Kaspar Hamacher & Matylda Krzykowski (BE/NL), Myriam Hick (BE), Daniel Hulsbergen (NL), James – James Van Vossel (BE), Mathilde Jaquet (IT), Björn Kwapp (DE), Wing Lam Kwok (HK/BE), Samuel Lambert (BE), MaaK- Robbert Ramaekers/ Rogier Rensen (BE), Raffaella Mangiarotti (IT), Hugo Meert (BE), Claudia Moeller (DE), Eugenia Morpurgo (IT), Agata Karolina Niemkiewicz (PL/ZA/NL), Eshel Noaa (IL), Simone Pallotto (IT), Thomas Pausz (DE), Jennifer Rabatel (FR), RAD Product – Pauline Coudert & Laurent Chabrier (BE), Patrick Reuvis (BE), Wieki Somers (NL), Lee Sanghyeok (KP/DE), Lucile Soufflet (BE), Jon Stam & Simon de Bakker (NL), Jun Takagi (JP/UK), UNU Studio-Jean-Baptiste Goetgheluck (FR/BE), Thijs van Agt (NL), Danny Venlet (BE), Luc Vincent (BE), Jetske Visser (NL), Fabian Von Spreckelsen (DE/NL), Sylvain Willenz (BE).


Venue: Espace Rencontres at Musée de la Vie wallonne

Date: Saturday, 20 October

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