Construct – de – construct

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Can you see things in a different order and make something new out of the existing?


From 23 July till 31 August the construct – de – construct exhibition challenges the visitor of the Droog Gallery. Droog presents works by Avantika Agarwal, Nick Brennan, Francesco Faccin, Jessica Fügler, Lernert & Sander, Eugenia Morpurgo & Juan Montero, Diana Simpson & Sudha Kheterpal, Helmut Smits, Cindy Strobach, Terrabites, and Sander Wassink. They turn our daily surroundings upside down and make playful changes.


With their project Don’t run – Beta (2014), Eugenia Morpurgo and Juan Montero developed a high-street micro-factory, where customers can make and repair their own shoes. They can also customize their shoes by laser cutting and 3D printing.


With the Mushroom Farmkit (DIY) (2014) by Terrabites, people can cultivate and harvest their own mushrooms. The ones in the exhibition grow on coffee grounds from ROOMSERVICE, the café of Hôtel Droog. These can be found back later in the delicious dishes which are served there.


Cindy Strobach shows with Electro colour (2014) that hidden electrical parts of plain ordinary, white household items could get a new thrilling, colourful visual character with the implementation of red cabbage juice.


This exhibition is supported by the AFK (Amsterdam Fund for the Arts).