Milano Design PhD Festival

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The Department of Design of the Politecnico di Milano organizes the PhD Design Festival

The event will be divided into two sections:

– The Defence of Doctoral Thesis

– The Open Lectures

The defense of the thesis, organized by subject, will be supported by the candidates in the public, with the counter-report of teachers of Politecnico, before a panel of international experts.

The same experts, internationally renowned professors, will be speakers of a series of Open Lectures organized in thematic sessions:

(the event will be in English)
24 March “Emotion & Design”
16.00 Prof. Elke Den Ouden (TU – Eindhoven, NLD) “Smart Urban Lighting – Improving quality of life in cities with intelligent public lighting solutions”
17.00 Prof. Charles Spence (Oxford University, GBR) “Neuroscience-inspired multisensory design”
18.00 Prof. David Frohlich (University of Surrey, GBR) “Sociotechnical innovation in digital media”
25 March “Spaces & Culture”
14.30 Prof. Dominique Poulot (Sorbona – Paris, FRA) “The Changing Roles of National Art Museums in Europe”
15.30 Prof. Spartaco Paris (La Sapienza – Roma, ITA) “Architecture and Design. Surveying the education”
15.30 Prof. Jonathan Woodham (University of Brighton, GBR) “Redesigning Design History for the 21st century”
26 March “Interaction & People”
14.30 Prof. Andrew Vande Moere (KU Leuven, BEL) “Visualizations in the city”
15.30 Prof. Mattew Battles (Harvard University, Cambridge, USA) “How a Tree Sees Design”
16.30 Prof. Dan Pinchebeck (University of Portsmouth, GBR) “Journey, House, River: Three Models of Narrative-Driven Game Design”
27 March “Innovation Tools”
14.30 Prof. Udo Lindemann (TUM Technische Universität – München, GER) “Creativity and Systematic Methods – a Contradiction?”
15.30 Prof. Johan Redstrom (Umea University, SWE) “Prototyping Practices”
16.30 Prof. Toni-Matti Karjalainen (Aalto University – Helsinki, FIN) “Design for cultural narratives”
28 March “Becoming Smart”
14.30 Prof. Maria Antonietta Sbordone (Università di Napoli, ITA) “DISCRONIE. Fenomeni del contemporaneo nella moda e nel Design”
15.30 Prof. Christian Boucharenc (NUS – Singapore, SGPI) “Design for a contemporary world”
16.30 Prof. Teodoro Valente (Università degli studi – Roma, ITA) “Materials Technology for design”

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