New Lighting and Furniture collection

Pubblicato il Di in Approfondimenti

The ingenious beauty of the new lighting collection is enchanting, so take your time to admire Marcel Wanders’ Space-Frame, a cable-less triumph of architectural lightness and adaptability, which hangs on a hinge that allows it to change position in space. After having checked it out, take the bull by the horns and get inspired by Studio Job’s Paper Wall Lamp, a playful icon to highlight an area or piece of furniture in style. Look around carefully, because when you set your eyes on Arihiro Miyake’s Coppélia Suspended Lamp you will feel like swirling around the room in celebration of this flowing wonder of lights and crossed wires. Beware that doing so you might bump into the imposing body of the Statistocrat Floor Lamp by Atelier van Lieshout, a lean and multifunctional lamp/side table with an inventively bright design. In the same area hangs the Statistocrat Suspended Lamp, which shares the same materials, feeling and functionality of its sibling and will surely capture your attention. When you are tired of standing still, feel free to follow the festive branches of Heracleum Endless by Bertjan Pot, a perpetual growth of foliage constellated with tiny LED leafs, or sit under the other member of the same family, Heracleum Small Big O, to admire the glowing jewels in its crown. As soon as you see it, you will be instantly drawn towards the splendor of the Raimond Tensegrity Floor lamp by Raimond Puts, a giant floating sphere that invites you to reach out for the stars!

After viewing all the latest lighting wonders, find your way home to Marcel Wanders’ Power Nap Sofa, “the” urban lounging companion. The harmonious, airy silhouette of Marcel Wanders’ Charles Chair might be the perfect match for your metropolitan taste. While thinking about it, fix your gaze on two designs that might change your opinion on foldable chairs forever: the Shift Lounge Chair and Shift Dining Chair by Jonas Forsman, versatile “must-haves” for city apartments and seaside villas.