These are the winners of the Henry van de Velde Awards 16!

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The Henry van de Veld Awards rewards good design since 1994. The are an ode to the diversity, the necessity and the impact of design.

The jury noticed that design in 2016 clearly is extremely relevant and above all inspiring. Designers are more and more focussing on their social function. This way, they are often finding surpising and quite often simple solutions. This way, design can be that beautiful object that you cherish, but it can also be a solution for a small or big social problem in the climate area, mobility, health care, migration,…

It’s was no easy task for the jury to chose the winners in the 12 categories, but they did it with grace.

During the ceremony, the Henry Le Boeuf hall was stacked with an attentive audience. The Henry van de Velde Awards are an initiative of Design Vlaanderen, now part of Flanders DC. OVAM and BOZAR are partners in the initiative.

These are the persons giving the awards:
Henny De Baets, administrator-general OVAM, Henry van de Velde OVAM Ecodesign PRO Award 16
Pascal Cools, director Flanders DC, Henry van de Velde Young Talent Award 16
Bernard De Potter, administrator-general Agentschap Innoveren & Ondernemen, Henry van de Velde Company Award
Philippe Muyters, Minister of the Flemish government, Henry van de Velde Lifetime Achievement Award.
Hors categorie, minister Sven Gatz is awarding the New Flemish Masters in the Fine Arts .

The award ceremony is followed by a free exhibition in the Foyers at BOZAR. The 25 nominaties and the 12 winners of the Henry van de Velde Awards 16 will be shown in the exhibition that runs until 19 March.