Objects and the Factory

Pubblicato il 3 Gennaio 2014 Di

The „factory“ is a place where ideas come to life. It is a production facility where people,  thoughts and machines meet. Mark Braun, Reinhard Dienes, Karoline Fesser, Mathias Hahn,  Kai Linke, Daniel Lorch, Sven Lützenkirchen, Torsten Neeland, Thomas Schnur, Elisa Strozyk,  and Samuel Treindl adress the point of origin and display their thoughts in form of products.
The factory stands for a place that today became something of a rarity. Formerly, at the beginning of  the industrialisation, the factory initiated the modern serial production. Mostly on the brink of the city,  people were working in physical contact with the material and machines. Today modern fabrics and  production halls remind increasingly on laboratories. Technical precision and the quantity of robots  control the halls. Also Köln-Ehrenfeld was formerly a working district. Today the factories and manufacturers are disappearing; The production halls are turning into ateliers and agency facilities.
Unchangedly strong remains the curiosity, the power and the richness of ideas. The factory – it does not only stand for a woven net out of individual, mind and machines but also for the production and fabrication. The initiators of the exhibition Objects and the Factory see the factory as an allegory of a place where ideas become physical. For them the factory is the point of origin of their products that will be shown in the Körnerstraße 48 from the 13th.-19th. of January. Intuitively they use the places of
production to present their thoughts expressed as products.
Datum und Ort:
13th to 19th January 2014
Mon – Sat, 13 – 20 h // Son, 13 – 18 h
Cocktail: Mi, 15.1.,18 h
Körnerstraße 48
50823 Köln