Tempo Italiano is back! Join the food design projects of tomorrow at #Tables during Stockholm Design Week 2015

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On the crossroads between Mediterranean and Scandinavian cultures, Tempo Italiano #Tables is the venue hosting a multiple cultural storytelling: exhibition of well established and up-and-coming design projects, edible installations, food and wine tastings, design breakfast, workshops, conferences on the most recent research on food design. A spotlight on the many ways our future relationship with food might be.

On its second edition, the festival promoting italian creativity and design abroad Tempo Italiano will be dedicated to ‘Tables’, having food and convivium as main topic, the goal is to portray the many identities that interpret nowadays food approach and nurture new scenarios for a more sustainable production and social health.

Storyteller by Studio Baag

“Food system shapes society and the way we act and behave. Everything in our city, day, our sense, our relationships, our economics are deeply connected to the time and space we give to food. Thus food is mostly a neglected topic. Besides all the high gourmet research for palatable exclusive organically grown sprouts, how can we use food as a tool for conscience? and health and social happiness?” Patrizia Coggiola, Tempo Italiano curator

These and many other questions at Tempo Italiano during Stockholm Design Week 2015.

The Italienska Kulturinstitutet is the venue hosting a multiple cultural storytelling: exhibition of well established and up-and-coming design projects, novelties from design brands connected to the tableware, conferences and round tables on the most recent research on food design. The long-lasting values rooted firmly in the unique identity of italian design, expression of a creative meaning, are trade mark for timeless quality, innovation, modern thinking.

Italienska Kulturinstitutet, StockholmTempo Italiano #Tables is:

Sleipnir, a site specific sculpture-house by Duilio Forte built outside the Italian Cultural Institute in Stockholm, towering above the district of the Embassies. Duilio Forte is an half italian half swedish architect and artist, who’s been exposing twice at Biennale of Venice and in plenty of cities and landscapes, among which Sweden amazing countryside. He will build outside the Italienska Kulturinstitutet, a huge site specific sculpture-house in wood, part of the Arkizoik Park, a wide project inspired by scandinavian mythology, half way between aTrojan horse and Odin horse, thus in the crossroads of the Mediterranean and Scandinavian cultures. Duilio Forte will work with italian and swedish students.

– an exhibition of design objects, tools and art works meant to question our relationship with food: Attico Design Cristina Celestino, Cesare Bizzotto, Studio BAAG, Andrea Magnani & Giovanni Delvecchio, Chiara Cappellini, Johnny Hermann, Bulbo Light, Marina Cinciripini, Sarah Richiuso, Marco Guazzini

– a seminar on Slow Food Sweden activity and an exhibition of #SlowPack Prize, packaging Prize activity presented in last Salone del Gusto Turin

Transubstantia Paganus, a food workshop by CTRLZAK design studio

design breakfasts for professionals, media, architects

#Thisisedible, an edible installation by Foodcraft, a platform exploring different matters connected to food, from our intimate primal relation, to its craftmanship or supply chain processes

wine tastings

– a book presentation by AtelierFORTE