Airberg by Jean-Marie Massaud is awarded Best Sofa at Muuuz International Awards 2014 (MIAW2014)

Pubblicato il 20 Luglio 2014 Di

Airberg started as an experiment in Offecct Lab in 2013, and officially launched as a part of Offecct’s standard collection during this year’s Salone del Mobile in Milan. Airberg has quickly become a much sought after sofa and is a result of a
long and creative relationship between French designer Jean-Marie Massaud and Offecct.
– Offecct is prominent in offering the market a strong and varied product selection. This means that with Airberg I could take a step further and break with conventions and question existing norms of what a piece of seating furniture usually looks like, says Jean-Marie Massaud.
Airberg consists of a structural case that gives the impression of being filled with a vacuum, but it is in reality held up by an advanced set of elastic ribs and springs. The unique craftsmanship used in the production of Airberg makes it possible to create a deconstructed piece of furniture that is more defined by its asymmetrical shape. Jean-Marie Massaud has created a piece of furniture that
is comfortable, sustainable and unique, making it highly contemporary.