Berlin Design Selection in Milan / Ventura Lambrate

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Since 2013, the state of Berlin has been representing its design scene in foreign markets under the newly established brand Berlin Design Selection. The brand was founded by the initiative Projekt Zukunft and the Berlin Senate Department for Economics and Technology. Dynamo Design Berlin e.V., in cooperation with DMY Berlin, organizes the representation abroad.
The focus of these representations is to open up new markets for Berlin design businesses, connecting them with producers, distributors and trade companies.
The exhibitions are accompanied by extensive PR measures. Alongside of a catalogue, an internet presence was set up for the Berlin Design Selection tour. hosts relevant information about presented products and design companies as well as an overview of Berlin‘s design creation. The intention is to create a platform that provides international visibility of Berlin‘s design scene, support the businesses at the new markets and stimulate the creation of new products.
The Berlin Design Selection tour will stop at the most important international design fairs and festivals and show a selection of objects, products and prototypes made in Berlin or designed by Berlin designers.
Salone Internazionale del Mobile / Ventura Lambrate
The exhibition is taking place right at the heart of the renowned exhibition district Ventura Lambrate during the biggest and most important fair for furniture design, Salone Internazionale del Mobile (April 8 – 13, 2014).
The 5th edition of Ventura Lambrate is coming up with a great number of high-quality exhibitions, projects and concepts. On an area of 13.000 sqm, 168 exhibitors from 39 countries will present their works. Among them are not only renowned designers and studios, but also universities, museums and other design institutions.
Within the scope of this year‘s Berlin Design Selection, Milan will get to see a curated selection of design works by various successful young designers from Berlin. The products range from flamboyant lights to tables with artistic, experimental surfaces.
On top of that, Berlin design will be embedded in an especially imaginative frame: With the renowned, multi-awarded design bureau COORDINATION being responsible for scenography, the Berlin Milano 2014 exhibition is going to convince with its content and aesthetics.Among others, the following products will be shown at Ventura Lambrate:.the collar by CIMCIMA. is a high-quality design lamp that merges elegance with functional sophistication. The lampshade is designed to either flood the ceiling or to illuminate the floor. .the ito issue is CIMCIMA.‘s answer to material efficiency, stability and flexibility in a single form. Every lamp of  the .ito series can be individually shaped due to a special metal core inside the cable coating and can be  changed and reshaped by hand at any time. All members of the .ito series are equipped with the newest  LED-Chip-On-Board technology.
With Tilt Top, Flip Sellin (COORDINATION BERLIN) created a sculptural side light that gradually  transforms from a shining athmospheric object to a decorative directional light. The featured hinge and a touch dimmer plate invite interaction with this versatile design. Tilt Top highlights the hidden qualities of the pure materials of marble, brass and acrylic glass, combining a classic feel in a high-tech product.For the ceramic-tables by Elisa Strozyk, different liquid glazes pool and mix together under the influence of rotation and blown air to leave traces of fluid movement and smoke-like patterns which are solidified in the heat of the kin.
Hopf, Nordins Antiprisms are lights folded from a single perforated titanium-ceramic (TiN) coated sheet of stainless steel. The folds provide stability and, by their perforations, trace the form with light into space. The luminous flux is optimised and shadow casting is much reduced. Astrahedra are an infinite sequence of lights that visualise the interstellar void, home of Dark Matter and Energy. Tabbed stainless steel elements are folded and joined invisibly along their inner edges with Japanese spring-steel clips
and adhesive. The perforated folds, illuminated from within, trace the true distance between astronomic objects – the lights’ corners.
Voronoi diagrams are partitions of an area into convex polygons. Depending on your choice of contour and height, Voronoi Cells tables by Hopf, Nordin evolve as transparent and lightweight load-bearing truss, consisting of closed and open cells. Each cell is CNC-bent from perforated stainless steel. The cells are connected with a structural adhesive or riveted. The weight of the glass top gives the construction additional rigidity.
The inspiration behind BLOW by Ruben der Kinderen are contemporary products that have, for many, unknown production processes. The PET bottle is taken as an example and its automated production process is re-imagined into a manual one. This allows the creation of new and unique products as well as giving an insight into the production process. Heating a Preform (PET tube) and by manually injecting air by pumping, a modern glassblowing is achieved from which these vases are a first design.
The Bushcraft Series by Ruben der Kinderen is an ongoing series of products inspired by bushcraft survival techniques. The pieces are constructed as a modular system that you can assemble without screws or glue, thus its stability is based purely on the forces of nature. In cooperation with furniture maker StijlZo, Ruben der Kinderen designed and manufactured this first series of stools and side tables.Strictly geometric, almost constructivist, light, solid and substantial: The Steel Stands by Sebastian Scherer
are inspired by the architecture of the industrial era. The stackable construction of three identical triangles is lasered from one steelplate and thus slighty flexible. Stability is provided on the one hand by two folded branches and on the other hand by the fixing with the tabletop. The combination looks easy and unpretentious. At the same time it gives as much space for legs as possible. Choose either solid ash tree or an mdf tabletop, their slender borders correspond best with the filigree steel construction.
Designed and produced using locally sourced sustainable materials, LOCKWOODs Eclipse and Europa lamps utilise a series of concentric, laser-cut wooden fibreboard rings to create an enchanting shadow moiré effect on surrounding walls and surfaces. Drawing on influences ranging from the austere minimalism of high European Modernism to the ancient craftsmanship of Japan, Simon Lockwood‘s lamps
are a profound exploration of light, shadow and their endlessly fascinating interplay.
Crossboard by LOCKWOOD was inspired by the shelving systems from the late 60s & 70s. Crossboard combines the aesthetic qualities of hardwood with an ingenious and minimalist assembly system  reminiscent of Japanese carpentry joints. The clean-lined solid oak shelves are complimented by lacquered oak dowels that create a dynamic yet not overstated form.
hettler.tüllmann present their new Rattan & Wicker series. Rattan with a new twist: The versatility of rattan allows for both structural strength and organic freedom. The material can be given shape, but the material can also prove to be its own guide. Rattan’s warm, light nature, its high stability but especially its quality as a sustainable resource makes it attractive to use in a variety of design approaches.
As a special highlight, the multi-awarded, internationally known designer Werner Aisslinger presents two of his newest creations for the first time — a premiere that shouldn‘t be missed by anyone interested in design. Poltrona COLLOSEUM and Coffetable & Lighting Sculpture ATOMIUM are parts of the Europe Collection, designed by Werner Aisslinger in collaboration with MOROSO. The European heritage for future generations on a world wide scale will be the enormous diversity and quality of cultural goods throughout European history. Quality of materials and manufacturing creates new usable furniture with cultural quality – a kind of furniture souvenirs which people all over the world keep as European icons.