Cabinet for Estrella Damm Inedit by Elia Felices

Pubblicato il 12 Ottobre 2013 Di

There is a space in the kitchen of Caelis reserved for demanding diners who want to try new culinary experiences. This installation is a wall cabinet exclusively-designed for this corner in the kitchen area, where it has pride of place and is on view to the restaurant’s most select clients.

The piece is centred on a rather special item of furniture. It is inspired by the traditional ‘alacenas’ or cabinets, and consists of a group of glass-fronted units mounted on the wall in this corner of the kitchen.

These cabinets were originally hand-crafted storage chests which were gradually transformed during the industrial age to become the stylised pieces of furniture we see today, and the exclusive design of this cabinet identifies it as part of this tradition. These pieces were originally used by wealthier families to put their most treasured possessions on display: placing their best quality silver and tableware for their dining rooms and living rooms where guests could admire them.


Later they were also introduced to the kitchens for purely practical reasons, and were adapted to function as a pantry for dispensing food. The installation brings these two functions together, displaying gilded dishes, wine glasses and bottles as a way of emphasising their value, and storing the equipment required for preparing the table.

The piece is a modern reinterpretation which is adapted to the high style used in the restaurant and is a perfect fit for this intimate and glamorous dining area hidden away in the kitchen of this exclusive restaurant.


There are two central modules and two narrower side panels with hinged glass fronts, and they are divided into several compartments, recalling the original function of the piece: drawers, glass shelves, …all back-lit to better display the items on show, and finished in black gloss with rounded mouldings.



The finishing touch to the space is provided by gold curtains draped behind the piece and two hanging lamps to light this sophisticated composition. The result is a space both unusual and differentiated, where tradition and modernity are subtly and charmingly wedded.

The Amuse collage in the Fernand Point Salón of the restaurant Caelis




The artwork “Amuse” is on display in the Fernand Point Salón, the VIP area of Caelis. It is situated in full view from the moment one enters the restaurant, located behind the glass panels that separate the entrance to the restaurant from the salón.

It is a large-format, three-dimensional work which plays with the idea of entremeses (“Amuse”, as in entertainment, in the original French), which were served to make the wait between the main courses of a meal more enjoyable. They are also used in haute cuisine to clear the palate between courses and to prepare it for the next delicacy.


The ingredients and food are represented by the pieces of glass, mirrors and panels with different textures and colour effects which are spread out over a layer of larger plates and as carefully arranged as the food would be. The effect is as light and delicate as the entremeses themselves. The effect of weightlessness achieved by the composition is in part due to a technique designed specifically for the mounting, transport and installation of the piece.

The composition is crowned by the silhouette of the bottle. The artwork blends seamlessly into the space, adding a touch of distinction and sobriety to the setting.