Delta Light® at INTERIEUR 2012

Pubblicato il 13 Novembre 2012 Di

Delta Light excels at being creative. And the West Flanders specialist in architectural lighting certainly pulled out all the stops at Just like the organisers themselves. So it wasn’t a traditional stand that was on view at the show, but a structure like no other seen before: a monolithic ‘boulder’ with a whole series of viewing holes arranged under a low ceiling. The visitors to the show were looking for the ultimate lighting experience and they left convinced that, once in a while, it’s best to think ‘inside the box’. There were an awful lot of people at the Delta Light stand.

Or, in fact, we should say ‘under’ the Delta Light stand. Because in contrast to other years, the Flemish architectural lighting specialist had come up with an enormous cube. A boulder, floating at a height of 1.86 metres. Just one thing, though: at first glance, there didn’t seem to be much to see between the metal pillars supporting the monster stand.
An apparent emptiness that made you start asking questions. Such as ‘why is everyone looking up?’
Come on in and find out, was the message. “We want to surprise the visitor,” explained corporate strategy manager Jan Ameloot. “And you can’t do that by giving the game away before you get started. Underneath our stand there are viewing holes of varying diameters. You go from hole to hole
and as you go, you gradually get to see some of the stars of our range. We’re not showing them in a classic display presentation, but in a variety of different scenographies. Very different compositions designed to give inspiration to professionals and consumers alike.”

Light is the ultimate creator of ambience. That’s the message that Delta Light aimed to get across with its stand. A gigantic spyglass to demonstrate how you can use lighting to make a space warm or cold, how to increase it in size or make it smaller, or how to bring structures and materials to life. Light as a function of its surroundings. You can’t really write about it or take photos. So as light is barely tangible, Delta Light provided a complete and unusual experience that was really… illuminating