At the DOMOTEX 2014, REUBER HENNING present new rug designs inspired by music and film

Pubblicato il 12 Gennaio 2014 Di

REUBER HENNING will show their latest rug designs at the DOMOTEX, the world’s leading trade fair for flooring and carpeting. In addition to various stripe designs, including three watercolour variants, and exciting new creations that form part of the “Lost in Translation“ Series, the “Classic“ Collection will make its debut. Handmade pieces, as always characterized by an artistic approach and understatement combined with a sense of humour – rugs that tell a tale.
“Lost in Translation“, presented in 2013, was REUBER HENNING’s first take on film-inspired design: The colourful
lights of Tokyo, among which Scarlett Johansson and Bill Murray lose themselves in the film of the same name, form
the backdrop for this collection. Various designs are based on crucial scenes in the film, such as “Karaoke“, “Whisper“ and “Lights“, and reinterpret the star as a basic element. Since REUBER HENNING did not want to settle for just one song, the Berlin label now presents two more versions of “Karaoke“ featuring new combinations of colours and materials. As sounds can be equally inspiring as film scenes, another design is based on Chopin’s “Fantaisie Impromptu“, which serves as a ring tone on Bill Murray’s mobile phone in the film. “Fantaisie Impromptu“ is available in several versions, all characterized by surprising colour combinations and their use of different materials and techniques, wool and silk, pile and sumak, cut and loop – REUBER HENNING’s personal favourite for 2014.
“Neverland“ goes watercolour: REUBER HENNING love stripes and with “Neverland“, the label highlights reality’s
contrasts: Knot follows upon knot, row upon row, one of 70 colours upon the other. “Woodland“, “Farmland“ and “Graceland“ expand the existing collection of striped pieces that has already become a classic in the world of rug design. But not enough of exciting stripes: With “Blue Velvet“, “Clockwork Orange“ and “Eternal Sunshine“, REUBER HENNING also add three new watercolour designs that, other than previous “Neverland“ rugs, stand out for their high silk content. In the new watercolour designs, adjoining colours mix and form particularly beautiful random colour combinations: Chance remains the basic idea behind the “Neverland“ Collection.
For “Classic“, less is more: These new two-colour designs with names like “Bartók“, “Sibelius“ and “Chopin“ are characterized by classic patterns with an elegant, impressive appearance that is due to a high silk content – less rock and pop, but rather classical music, which does not have to be conservative at all.
“Canvas“ is like painting in wool and silk: Here, REUBER HENNING demonstrate their passion for painting and pay homage to the exceptional quality of the materials and the superior craftsmanship involved. For 2014, REUBER HENNING present a further exploration of this design: “Shallow“, initially available in the shades “True Blue“ and “Mousy“.

Available in a huge range of different qualities and colours, with and without fringes, the monochromatic rugs from the “As Simple As“ Series combine perfectly with diverse styles and interiors. The newly added “A Chorus Line“ and “Paint“ Lines prove that monochromatic is far from boring: With Tibetan wool, 99% colour and 1% design, REUBER HENNING create surfaces almost as exciting as a first date!