Flint Floor presents The Stonist, a collection of laminates aimed at bathrooms, kitchens and spas

Pubblicato il 9 Febbraio 2015 Di

The latest incorporation to FLINT FLOOR’s catalogue of laminates is  The Stonist, a series of floorings and coatings specially aimed at kitchens, bathrooms and wellness areas. This new series will be introduced at Domotex, the biggest international trade fair for the flooring industry, held in Hannover from January 17th to 20th 2015.

Consisting of five models (Loft Cement, Taj, Cloud, Medley and Mirage), The Stonist features different shades and textures of materials such as stone and cement. This new collection is completely waterproof, a common characteristic of all the firm’s laminates, like their resistance to impact, fire and wear.

HPB technology guarantees their maximum dimensional stability, preventing swelling and deformation due to the continued exposure to moisture and even leaks. The Stonist joins the other two collections recently submitted by this firm: the Living Floor Collection and the Classic Collection.

FLINT FLOOR - The Stonist Collection_1

The secret of the resistance of Flint Floor’s laminates is its HPB (High Pressure Block) technology. This pressure process consists in subjecting the board’s core, made of cellulose fibers impregnated with thermosetting resins, to a 100 tons pressure per m2. The result is an ultra-compact block, totally resistant to water, impact, fire, pressure and wear resistance. In fact, it maintains its original appearance even in extreme situations, in areas where the rest of laminate floors in the market cannot be used with guarantees.

FLINT FLOOR laminates are the perfect allies for the hospitality industry and any environment that requires the flooring to retain its original appearance during a long useful life: residential spaces, hotels, retail, gyms, shopping centres, health centres, offices, educational places, conference rooms, discos, spas, kitchens, bathrooms and even rail and marine transport facilities.

With proper installation and maintenance, up to 20 years of useful life is guaranteed. In addition, maintenance is very simple and can be carried out using ordinary cleaning products.