Furniture collection EZY by Christophe Pillet

Pubblicato il 30 Gennaio 2014 Di

Christophe Pillet and Offecct teamed up to create the comfortable and timeless collection EZY, which consists of a sofa, an easy chair, a barstool and a series of tables. The EZY collection was originally designed and produced for the new interior of the famous Pullman Tour Eiffel Hotel in Paris.
– You could say that there is a constant game in design of who can make the most recognisable object. Being a part of that game was not my intention with EZY. Instead of making something strange, visible and loud, I wanted to make something very normal, simple and elegant. The purpose of this collection was to make a super functional, normal and long lasting design. To use an analogy, in competitions within gastronomy, the chefs struggle to invent the most creative and sensational combination of food. But I prefer the opposite. I like to use pure and simple combinations to bring out the best I possibly can,” says Christophe Pillet
– We have known Christophe for many years and love to work with him. With EZY, the challenge has been to make a timeless and elegant collection of furniture that will feel modern in centuries to come. As a producer, that is the best kind of furniture you can produce. EZY carries a design language that we think is very much Christophe Pillet and we could not have been happier with the result, says Anders Englund, Design Manager, Offecct.