More than half of the Cevisama 2014 visitors register for Habitat and 38% for Fimma – Maderalia

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Feria Valencia has already opened the online registration phase for visitors totheexhibitions to be heldfrom the 11th to the 14th ofnextFebruary.The firstof them has beenCevisamaand it has been donewith a result thatunderpinsthe initiativeof the Valencianexhibition institution onthe same dates as theceramicevent jointwithFeriaHabitatValenciaandFimma-Maderalia.

In this sense,the first analysis of data shows that60%of buyers who have already registered for Cevisama also have for FeriaHabitatValencia,while thepercentage is at 38%for visitors of the ceramic event that have alsoshown interestandhave been registeredin conjunction with the Fimma–Maderalia appointment.

Analysis carried out byFeriaValenciain recentyears based onthese surveysand from the informationextractedaround theneeds of visitorsindicates thatthe registration trend ofthe first samplesis maintained untilthe celebrationof the exhibition.

Therefore,andto keepthe samedynamic, thereal interest ofprofessionals inarchitecture,construction, renovation, interior design is already been displayed by thesynergies betweenCevisama, Feria HabitatValenciaandFimma-Maderalia. All thisis a boostto thebet of FeriaValenciato forma unique showcasearound thesesectors under the’See You in Valencia’ initiative.

Thestudy of inscriptionsalready made forCevisamaalso throwsanotherpositive note, as the increasefrom 46%of the records forthesame time lastyear.Meanwhile, Feria HabitatValencia has also openedtheir’on-line’ registration with a goodinitialdemand of professionalsinterested in attendingthe event nextFebruary,a growing interestalsoin the case ofFimma-Maderalia.

The best brands be ton the ‘See You in Valencia’ exhibitions

Along with thisvery positiveresponse fromindustry professionals, brands are also very clearly supportingeach ofthe exhibitionsthat make up’See You in Valencia’.

In this regard,in the field ofsoiland wall tiles, the visitor will find brands likeAzuliber, MarblesSerrat,Pamesa, Peronda, Vives,Azteca, Tau, El Molino,Natucer, MAINZU, Saloni, Falcon,Aparicio, GAYAFORES, Sanchis, Aranda,Grespania, Ceracasa, Athena, Keraben, Cerpa, Rock, NavartiorVenus at Cevisama.Forconstructive solutions there will be an availablesupplyof leaders such as Tejas BorjaorLa Escandella. Withinthe bathroom zoneBathCollectionand the GrupoRoca brands have confirmed their presence as well as tapspecialistsStandardHydraulics, among others.

If thevisitor is interestedin the field ofcooking,what better thanto have thesolvencyasa world leading brand such asCosentino-present in the supply of Feria HabitatValenciaor the design ofItalian firms such asArredo3 andFulgorMilano. The Feria HabitatValencia dealis, undoubtedly, one of the most completeregardingthe sectorsof furniture, lighting and home textileswith brands such asCanella, Hurtado,Guadarte, AscensionLatorre,TecniNovaCollectionAlexandraStang, LladróGroupSeys, Amboan, Actiu, AlmerichMartinezandOrts,Serip, Ilexpa, Luzifer, Contradictions, Skyline,Joenfa, Vondom, Castro Lighting or Point, among many others.

Finally, at Fimma-Maderalia, firms present will be offeredthebestsolutions in thefield of wood construction and othermaterials.A goodexample of this isFausGroup,Nivic-Dalian, Sibu, DuPont-Corian, Group Alvic, Krion®PorcelanosaSolid SurfaceorPaviments I RevestimentsSerraas well asintelligenthardwaresystemsJuliusBlum,Grass, Titus, KesseBöhmer, DBGroup,Salice, FBSProlilati, Indaux, Emuca, Häfele or Sc Herrajes,or treatment andsurface finishings suchasIVMRenner,RaytLaboratories, Omar industriesorValresa.Similarly,leadersin machinery andtechnology such asBarberan, Biesse, IMA, Rierge, Preziss, Virutex, Weinig-Holzer orCehisa also joined.