ICFF 2014- May 19 – Molteni&C Dada New York Flagship Store

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On the occasion of the ICFF show (May 17-20), Molteni&C and Dada present two new projects for contemporary living, designed by Ron Gilad. Both Controra and Segreto confirm the designer’s interest in basic geometric shapes and his ability to match
past and future, tradition and research.

CONTRORA design Ron Gilad
Three pieces characterized by very simple design but elegant in every detail, for this collection of sofas, armchairs and benches by Ron Gilad. Its name comes from an Italian word used to indicate the early hours of the afternoon, traditionally given over
to rest and reflection. a simple wooden structure, in black oak or american walnut. Its original continuous overhanging headrests and armrests provide a natural hous¬ing for seating while creating a wonderfully cosy and relaxing space. Structural feet in
black chrome or shiny aluminium.

SEGRETO design Ron Gilad
Even in these modern high-tech times, when data and information can be conve¬niently stored in tiny USB devices, we still have a physical space in our homes in which to keep and file away documents and objects we consider important. Now Ron Gilad, the eclectic Israeli designer, has reinvented the classic “secretaire”. No more old-fashioned desks with drawers, compartments for files, cabinets protected by intricate locks: their place is now taken by a triangular unit to suspend from a wall at any height, its bottom section opening up to reveal its secrets. Inside are tiny shelves and drawers in which to file away documents, letters, small books and other
objects that need to be safely stored for retrieval at will. Thanks to a clever system of stay-rods, the lower part becomes a worktop to use when writing or to support a laptop or tablet. Which is why Segreto also has all the most modern multimedia connections. The unit comes in eucalyptus or american walnut finishes that make it easily matched with any interior décor.