Ivy armchair from Mambo

Pubblicato il 6 Ottobre 2014 Di
 IVY, the new armchair of Mambo Unlimited Ideas, an armchair with a strong personality.
The challenge in designing this piece was to create something comfortable, versatile, dynamic and harmonious, combining different materials, once that IVY is a deconstruction of an armchair, where each part has its own beauty and soul. The feet, seat, arms, back and fittings… every part has its own personality, its material, its form.

Its designer Claudia Melo aimed to make creative and dynamic element to fit in the Mambo’s upholstery collection. An harmonious armchair that joins fabrics, wood and metal and looks modern and clean, yet irreverent and sophisticated.
The result was this beautiful product! A newly born that is already a star in the design world: it was chosen to be in the stage of conference room of this recent edition of 100% Design. Great designers from all over the world, like Philippe Starck or Ross Lovegrove, have seated on Ivy while talking about design.