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Seismic shifts in society, technology and the economy mean that today’s design industry operates within a fundamentally different context and extremely little has been done to investigate the causes of this situation.
Therefore Biennale INTERIEUR 2014 launches a research-driven programme that reframes the role of design in contemporary living and rethinks the design product industry’s strategies for the age of network culture.
Central to the INTERIEUR 2014 research will be a wide-ranging investigation, curated by Joseph Grima/Space Caviar, into the domestic sphere as the site of encounter between design and everyday life. This investigation will take the form of a multi-site exhibition, a series of talks and panels, a film programme and a book.

STOP. The Biennale Interieur is a ‘slow’ fair, taking place only every two years. The Interieur platform allows participants stop, think, reset and come back stronger.
QUESTION. Knowledge-sharing takes a central role in our vision of a dialogue-based Biennale that reaches out to forward-thinking brands. The Biennale Interieur will share exclusively with all the selected exhibitors its research that formulates a series of questions and answers, which will offer insights in the future of our interiors.
RESET. What is the relevant way to present design in today’s context? In an engaging and sophisticated scenography with a mix of commerce and culture, INTERIEUR 2014 will act as a platform to rethink conventional exhibition concepts. Amongst the new and flexible ways to take part are plug-and-play islands in various sizes and exhibitors are offered the option to pitch their own unique idea to take part.