Karim Rashid designs for REFLECT+ by Deknudt Mirrors

Pubblicato il 27 Agosto 2014 Di

Karim Rashid got acquainted with Deknudt Mirrors when he was looking for a suitable mirror for one of his projects. Amazed by the refinement and the craftsmanship of Deknudt Mirrors, he personally sought contact with the company. This was the beginning of a fascinating cooperation. Karim Rashid: “Designing is not a one way traffic, it is an exchange, a fusion of ideas and visions. Everything stands or falls with a good relationship.”
Spectators in the room
To Karim Rashid, a mirror is both a piece of art and a piece of equipment. For the top collection Reflect+, he puts the accent on functionality, without neglecting the esthetic aspect. The new mirrors incorporate several light sources. They are spectators in the room, contributing in turn to the atmosphere and the experience in the room.

Soft shapes
One of the mirrors, the new design “Spline”, leans against the wall enabling you to see your entire figure. A frame around the silhouette of a feminine body. Or is it something else? The white functional lighting and the multicolored atmospheric lighting make this mirror a real eye catcher in all senses of the word.
Also the other design “Scoop” is typical for Karim Rashid: shell shapes with a mirror inside, in bright colors and sloping lines. Amorphous and minimalistic, organic and human. But, above all, marvelously combining them into surprising new shapes: “Ego-Art”.