London Design Festival – OFF | CUT

Pubblicato il 12 Settembre 2013 Di

Fritz Hansen, in association with Chung Tyson Architects and The Bartlett School of Architecture, are delighted to present the installation OFF | CUT at this year’s London Design Festival, 18th – 22nd September.
OFF | CUT is an experimental, lightweight, deployable structure that explores the innovative re-use of Fritz Hansen’s high quality timber veneers and leather offcuts from their production facility in Denmark. Designed by Chung Tyson Architects and supported by The Bartlett School of Architecture
Research Fund, OFF | CUT was initially inspired by a research trip Chung Tyson Architects and Unit 7 students from The Bartlett took to the production facility at Fritz Hansen in Denmark at the end of 2012.
Enthused by the craftsmanship and tactile approach Fritz Hansen have to making their iconic Series 7™ chairs, Chung Tyson Architects saw the parallels in their own hands-on approach they have to teaching the Unit 7 students about design and the idea for creating a project out of Fritz Hansen’s waste materials grew from there.
As Ming Chung from Chung Tyson Architects explains, “we are interested in the crafted quality of Fritz Hansen’s furniture that is achieved through pioneering production techniques that combine manual dexterity coupled with automated fabrication. This approach has parallels to our own methods of practice whereby materials are placed at the centre of the design process”.
In addition, Christian Grosen, Head of Design at Fritz Hansen, divulges: “It is always interesting to team up with creative-minded institutions and organisations. OFF | CUT is an interesting project and a beautiful installation because Chung Tyson Architects, together with a group of young, talented
students from The Bartlett School of Architecture, have created a new value of our residual leather and thus have emphasized the importance of thinking about re-use during the design process and showing the possibilities for dealing with waste materials”.OFF | CUT will be pre-fabricated at the Bartlett workshops and assembled at Fritz Hansen’s flagship showroom in Fitzrovia during London Design Festival 2013. The event will be open to all members of the public from the 18th – 22nd September.