Objects in between

Pubblicato il 27 Marzo 2015 Di

The in between is a state of limbo. It is not tangible but sui generis: dreamlike, unreal and constantly changing. Almost paradoxically, the exhibition attempts to manifest this state in the form of different objects. They have been created by ten designers, who each approach the in between with their own, unique method. They use contrasting materials, both visually as well as tangibly; they also experiment with the relation of form and function and play with the associations of the viewer. Further more, all exhibits are prototypes – and thus find themselves in between the product dream and the reality of serial production.

With works of: Aust & Amelung, Karoline Fesser, Joa Herrenknecht, Meike Langer,Sven Lützenkirchen, Kai Linke, Torsten Neeland, Amaury Poudray, Thomas Schnur,Laura Strasser.