REUBER HENNING: DMY exhibition „BERLIN MEETS BUENOS AIRES“ with rugs of REUBER HENNING | 31 March to 7 April 2014 | Centre Metropolitano de Diseño (CMD), Buenos Aires / Argentina

Pubblicato il 26 Marzo 2014 Di

REUBER HENNING will present “Fantaisie Impromptu“, their latest piece from the “Lost in Translation“ Collection, as a part of the DMY exhibition “BERLIN MEETS BUENOS AIRES“, organized by the Centre Metropolitano de Diseño to celebrate the 20-year anniversary of the city twinning between Berlin and Buenos Aires. The interactive exhibition will provide insights into Berlin’s creative scene, showcasing projects by selected designers from this city.
After “Casablanca“ and “Lost in Translation“, this year, REUBER HENNING will show “Fantaisie Impromptu“, a design that is modern and archaic at the same time, inspired by traditional Anatolian rugs from the 19th century and by the music that accompanies the label’s team in their daily lives. In this case, REUBER HENNING have also explored and focused on the imperfections and irregularities typical of old rugs. As a result, “Fantaisie Impromptu“ is not only dedicated to Chopin and Bill Murray’s ring tone from the film “Lost in Translation“, but also to all of the world’s imperfections!
31 March – 7 April 2014

Centre Metropolitano de Diseño (CMD)
Algarrobo 1041 (C1293ABA)
Buenos Aires / Argentina