SATSUMA – a lightweight all-round chair, inspired by fruit boxes

Pubblicato il 18 Agosto 2014 Di

Original idea – intelligent design: it is not a coincidence that the Satsuma citrus tree, from the southern Japanese province of the same name, provided the inspiration for this new wooden chair from the Berlinbased label schneiderschram. The designers Läufer + Keichel were influenced, in more ways than one, by the well-known orange crates: the structural elegance of the boxes resulted in both the frame and legs of the SATSUMA chair being crafted from sturdy wooden triangular sections. The four legs weigh roughly fifty per cent less than the same number of square ones would – but provide just as much stability.
Bookshelves made from fruit boxes were all the rage in the late 1960s and early 1970s. These ‘readymade’ furniture solutions served as a creative protest against consumerism – a shelf made from old wooden crates fulfils its purpose, everything else simply demonstrates unneeded extravagance. This actually raises the question of what is required and how it can be improved. The answer is an exceptional chair for everyday use.
Charming appearance – complex production: “SATSUMA has the charm of staying timeless while being
very special in terms of the cutting-edge design, innovation and technology with which the chair is manufactured.
It is a modern industrial product that evokes memories of traditional handcrafted furniture,”
claim the designers. They have succeeded in developing a charming, discreet item that is produced with a minimum amount of material and the latest CNC milling technology. Whether used around a kitchen or dining table, as a coffee shop stool or in libraries, hotels and museums – SATSUMA, weighing just 3.5 kg, is an extremely lightweight and comfortable chair for homes and businesses alike. The seat and backrest feature extra thin strips of dynamic laminate wood for extra comfort. The solid ash wood chair
is available as standard in a natural finish, as well as in white, yellow, grey and black. Special colours are available on request.