See you in Valencia 2014

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Almost 400 architects, engineers, builders, construction professionals, specialists in different aspects of restoration and property developers will be gathering in Valencia next February for the second Total Building Restoration Congress (RIEd). This gathering is one of the leading symposia for the construction sector in Spain and is just one element of the programme of activities scheduled to take place as part of “See you in Valencia 2014”, the event that from 11th to 14th February will see the Cevisama, Feria Hábitat Valencia and Fimma – Maderalia take place a the same time, along with a full programme of lectures, congresses, seminars, exhibitions and showrooms both at the fair venue and in the city of Valencia.

The RIEd Congress is the first of the various congresses and activities that are being staged in Valencia for the first time as part of the “See you in Valencia 2014” initiative. This trade symposium centres exclusively on renovation, seeking out the keys to undertaking such projects, techniques, financing and relevant regulations. The congress organisers decided to hold their second event in Valencia because of the trade fairs being held there that are targeted at professionals from the world of architecture.

The first Total Building Restoration Congress was held last April in Madrid, with 300 delegates attending. The sessions covered an array of issues relating to renovation from financial and technical considerations to infrastructure and facilities, using renewables to lighting and certification. There were also presentations of case studies of the refurbishment and renovation of public, private and residential buildings.

Holding this symposium is part of the current drive to promote refurbishment and renovation as sustainable, productive alternatives in the construction industry. The present regulatory framework specifically encourages initiatives in this area following the implementation of Royal Decree 235/2013 published on 5th April, regarding the Energy Certification of Buildings and Law 8/2013 published on 26th June, regarding Urban Renovation, Regeneration and Renewal.

Nude and Architecture and Design Forum to be features of “See you in Valencia 20134”

The confirmation that the REId Congress will be held in Valencia marks the first step in the compilation of a busy programme of activities that is being planned as part of “See you in Valencia 2014”. The event will comprise an extensive offering of exhibitions, tributes, showrooms, lectures, presentations, architectural tours of the city and events that will be taking place in Valencia from 11th to 14th February 2014, including Spain’s four major design and architecture trade fairs: Cevisama, Feria Hábitat Valencia and Fimma – Maderalia.

With this in mind the programme for “See you in Valencia 2013” will also include a number of activities staged within the framework of the different fairs. One such is the Architecture and Design Forum, which provides an opportunity for reflection and discussion and has in recent years drawn internationally renowned designers, architects and interior designers together at Feria Valencia to discuss the new styles of space, design, materials and today’s lifestyles.

The highly regarded nude Show is another core element of “See you in Valencia”, inviting novice designers, schools of design and entrepreneurs to take part in a forum that is at once an exhibition of designs and a platform for sharing ideas – all revolving around innovation in the various disciplines involved in interiors. The upcoming nude will feature an extended range of areas of design including ceramic, bathrooms and items used by the ancillary sectors to the interiors industry.

Both events, which thus far had been organised by Cevisama and Feria Hábitat Valencia respectively will now be offering content that is equally relevant to homes, architecture and design, providing a unifying thread between them, in line with the philosophy that underpins the “See you in Valencia 2014” initiative.

The programme of activities for “See you in Valencia 2014” is thus clearly taking shape. The aim is to stage an event that offers a powerful appeal to all professionals who, whether they operate in the various retail channels or in the contract sector, play an important role in the ceramic, furniture, lighting and home textiles industries or in the field of machinery and components for the wood processing industry.