The new SENSE collection lets you combine functions in sensory button panels. Recently awarded the iF Gold Award and the Plus X Award

Pubblicato il 23 Marzo 2015 Di

Simon presents a new, highly innovative touch interface concept: SENSE is the first collection of modular control systems designed to combine three concepts: Touch interaction, ergonomics and interaction with the surroundings. Simon invites you to awaken your imagination with this new line for managing your surroundings, which let you control comfort in every spot. SENSE aims to inspire sensoriality in different settings and to have the user incorporate into everyday life the pleasant sensations caused by using this line.

SENSE has been recognised recently with the prestigious iF Gold Award in the category of building technology and with the Plus X Award in the categories of innovation, high quality, design, ease of use, and functionality. SENSE is unlike other display-dependant interfaces. It can be used without even looking at the button panel, ensuring very intuitive use. It can therefore be installed at any height according to user convenience and environmental conditions. According to the statement issued by the iF Award jury: “We were most impressed with the perfect functionality and the detailing of this touch sensitive interface. The fact that both touch interface and ergonomics consider the type of application and environment in which the device is used is an important innovation in a product such as this one. The graphic user interface is particularly clear and well laid out.”


The buttons are cavities that feel pleasant to the fingertips, they are tactile and it is possible to choose the graphical icons for them from a library to create the desired combination. Thanks to its modularity, SENSE allows users to mix and match various features for the comfort and control of the environment they want to generate: it controls the lighting, air conditioning and blinds in any space. It is even possible to customise the colours of the graphical icons to match the frame, which offers more possibilities regarding the details of decorating spaces.


Just by pressing or by pressing and sliding the finger, the user receives a stimulus that confirms that the action is being activated with a vibration, sound or LED light. This gives any user highly intuitive control over the surroundings. It has three versions stand out for their simplicity and harmony – Regular, Custom and Personal – which let the user customise the lighting, air conditioning and blinds in every room.