Valencia hosts the spanish premiere of ‘Bravos’ design exhibition

Pubblicato il 12 Novembre 2013 Di

Valencia will be the first Spanish city in which the ‘Bravos’ exhibition takes place, an ambitious sample featuring the works of 21 Spanish designers with special emphasis on the cutting-edge habitat segment. This exhibition is curated by Juli Capella and will be integrated into the ‘See You in Valencia 2014’ schedule.

‘See You in Valencia 2014’ is the event that will take place from the 11th to the 14th of February including the Cevisama, Feria Habitat Valencia and Fimma-Maderalia exhibitions joint with a complete programme of conferences, congresses, lectures, exhibitions and showrooms both at the fair ground and in the city of Valencia.

‘Bravos’, in this sense, will be one of the star exhibitions at ‘See You in Valencia’. This sample integrates the most significant works of 21 Spanish designers all born before 1960 in an innovative exhibition format, trained in Spain but with international connections either by having studied outside of Spain or having relations with the international design community. It is, in this sense, of a global generation, with marked ecological sensitivity pragmatically approaching the industry without leaving the symbolic design values.

From Patricia Urquiola to Nacho Carbonell

The exhibition includes very significant pieces by renowned authors such as Patricia Urquiola’s chair, Ramon Ubeda’s stool, Hector Serrano’s V lamp, Lagranja’s collection of bike racks, the Josephine Lamp by Jaime Hayon, the ottoman bowler by Culdesac of the well known Flod stool by Martin Azua. But there is also room to discover authentic ‘jewels’ such as the versatile Multipurpose Micro Object by El Ultimo Grito which forms part of the permanent MOMA collection in New York, the original Chapapote vase by Curro Claret, made with traces of oil, or the ‘skin’ proposal by the controversial creator Nacho Carbonell.

Complete with sample pieces such as the Moare lamp by Antoni Arola, the Emiliana Design ZigZag pot, the Tria lamp by Luis Eslava, the stool by Guillem Ferran, the gardener Drink by Joan Gaspar, the Marti Guixe Xarxa seating system, elements of kitchenware by Ernest Perera, the Wrinkie’s Beaty chair by Diego Ramos, the Diez+Diez cradle, the SoLine speaker by Mario Ruiz and the table lamp by Stone Designs.

For the first time in Spain

The cultural dimension and the focus on the design of the ‘See You in Valencia’ initiative and its capacity for the professional group of architects, decorators, and interior designers has led Valencia to be the chosen place for the Spanish premiere of this exhibition.

‘Bravos’ is a show promoted by the Spanish Agency of International Cooperation for Development (AECID), which since 2010, has been exhibited with great success in various cities in America, Asia or Europe. The sample, in this sense, has been saturated in Bangkok, Chicago, Prague, Puerto Rico, Washington, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Geneva, and Frankfurt and since last August in Toronto.

Valencia, in this sense, is waiting for the coming-of ‘Bravos’ in our country next February.

An increasingly complete agenda

With all of this, the ‘See You in Valencia 2014’ schedule of activities is taking shape. The aim is to set up an attractive and powerful event for the industries of interior design, architecture, decoration and design and for all the professionals that, through various distribution channels or the contract segment, play an important role in the ceramics, furniture, lighting, home textiles, and machinery sectors and components for the wood industry.

The ‘Bravos’ exhibition adds, in this sense, to events such as the 2nd Comprehensive Building Rehabilitation Congress, the Architecture and Design Forum, the nude salon of young creators, the ceramic Trans/hitos sample, the Golden Alfa Awards or the 5th Conference of Hospitality Design, among others. All of these make up a programme of activities at ‘See you in Valencia’ that remains open pending further initiatives.