Vision Manichini @Milano Fashion Week

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A leading company in the production and commercialization of visual elements, Vision begins its history in 1964, when the Arne’ family founds General Komet, which produces plastic and fiberglass mannequins for the retail market. Starting 2003, it specializes in the luxury market, dealing with the most well known brands in the fashion world, such as Armani, Cavalli, Ferre’, Moschino, Etro, Dsquared and collaborating with big chain stores like Benetton, H&M, Calzedonia, Yamamay, Conbipel and many more.
Today, Vision’s headquarters are like its concept, a modern space based in an amazing Milanese courtyard, in the city’s fashion district. The Italian headquarters will be joined by an office in Paris, that will open in the next 6 months. In addition to this, offices in London and New York are scheduled to open in the next 2 years.
Vision stands out in the market for its excellence in the mannequin personalization, which is produced according to each customer’s specific requests in terms of image.
For instance, that is how Bikkemberg’s mannequin was born: easily recognized in any window and installation, it was produced from the full-figure cast of a famous professional football player.
For its mannequins, Vision employs sculpting masters and their precious knowledge and techniques, following the tradition.
Vision’s style is sober and elegant, classic and rigorous; the main colors are black and white, with some exceptions such as gold and silver.
The variety is truly wide and satisfies any demands. Minimalistic or realistic, head or headless, and even simple or sculpted head, with or without make-up.
Vision offers its customers around 30 collections, to satisfy all kinds of needs: some like Elite, Glamour Top Model, Vj Stylized, Stilo and Tricks follow a vanguard design while others like Top Model Real, Gold&Platinum, Gold&Platinum sculpt, Top Model sculpt, Daydream, Daydream sculpt are more realistic and feature great attention to detail.
We look towards technological innovation through the eyes of tradition and use our expertise to create a product that will both enhance what it is displaying and communicate it clearly, no need for words.