Gardenias a new project by Jaime Hayon

Pubblicato il 5 Aprile 2013 Di

Gardenias is a collection of furniture for the garden. That’s not a real genre, but it does differentiate Gardenias from other exterior furniture collections. Subtlety, beauty and memory are omnipresent in its design, along with a determination to make the collection broad, varied, multipurpose and open.
Further pieces will be added in the future. There will be room for sculptural vases and planters of surprisingly fine terracotta, chairs with or without a pergola, benches and even an attractive watering can.One of the most outstanding characteristics of the collection is the way its translated the generally rigid and square-shaped image of outdoor metallic furniture to a language that is more romantic in form and also suitable for indoor use. It carries the unmistakable mark of Hayon in the svelte, subtle
and feminine forms. It is almost Gaudí-sque (or should we say Gardenia-esque) in so much as it renders metal with organic, almost natural shapes – ones that are more generally seen in furniture made of wood.
The aim is to revive the classical elegance of garden furniture with a style that is high quality and contemporary – visually light but also solid and resistant. Its delicate aspect hides a highly sophisticated technical development that achieves the maximum with the minimum. It represents two years of work together with the team from BD, and combines cast aluminium in the curved forms with extruded aluminium in the side sections – calculated to support the demands of commercial use. Both are in perfect harmony – and will stand the test of time.
The finishes make the pieces extremely versatile. The structure is like a harmonious and comfortable skeleton that can be personalised. They can be used in the interior by combining textile accessories or even just painted. We have chosen Alesta coatings, for their quality, wide colour range and above all for the Alesta® Cool finish which, when exposed to the sun, reduces surface temperature up to 20º.