Natural Collection in Milan 2013

Pubblicato il 2 Aprile 2013 Di

This year, nanimarquina has designed a new rug collection that will immerse us into the stunning world of nature.
The Natural Collection has been produced with an exclusive selection of natural fibres that reflect the plurality that nature has to offer: nettle, afghan wool, silk and jute.
These fibres are twisted together into continuous thread: a highly laborious manual process that enriches the design, giving each carpet a soft and unique texture. Each thread, each knot, transports us to the world where this rug began.
The Natural Collection has been made using biodegradable, chemical-free cleaning products. This took nanimarquina a step further in the fight against environmental degradation.
After 25 years designing rugs, our thinking has been that true innovation lies precisely in creating rugs using what our environment gives us, like the plant that grows around us.


The collection
A range of seven different rugs created by using the four fibres (nettle, silk, afghan wool and jute) and four different manual techniques: Dhurrie, Hand knotted, Kilim or Hand-woven sumac. Each one shows the natural colour of the fibre or a colour variation consistent with the desire to create a pleasant and natural atmosphere.
All our carpets are handmade, so colour variations may be found due to the handmade process or due to the characteristics of vegetable fibres… this makes them even more unique.