Belgium is Design presents new products

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Belgium is Design will showcase our country’s talents for an international audience, at Milan Design Week, from 14 to 19 April 2015. It brings together the work of major Belgian designers in a joint exhibition of exciting new work. The same goes for young designers presenting their prototypes together on a shared stand at Salone Satellite. Confronting the Masters In a single joint exhibition, past and present will merge into one. Within the prestigious surrounds of the Accademie di Belle Arti in the Brera district, sculptures by neoclassical master Canova will rub shoulders with ten Belgian designers, all winners of le Vif Weekend magazine’s “Designer of the Year” award since its inception in 2006. With their ten completely different perspectives and products, Alain Berteau, Sylvain Willenz, Nathalie Dewez, Alain Gilles, Stefan Schöning, Bram Boo, Nedda El-Asmar, Jean-François d’Or, Marina Bautier and Muller Van Severen (the winning duo for 2015) will be wowing the world with their fresh and original take on Belgian design. From furniture to light fittings and all manner of other objects, each of them will reveal their signature style and expertise. In this premiere for the Brera Accademie, designer Danny Venlet will bring together the designers’ pieces with the Canova sculptures in an audacious display combining the best of old and new. Six Emerging Designers to Shine at Salone Satellite Salone Satellite, the showcase for young designers, attracts as much interest from the public as it does from industry professionals. With 700 exhibitors a year, it has become established as the place for emerging new talent. Organised as part of Salone del Mobile during the Milan Design Week, several Belgian designers aged under 35 will have the opportunity to meet the biggest names in contemporary design, as well as their possible future commissioners. The Belgium is Design project gives six of our most promising designers and design studios the opportunity to take a shared stand to showcase their projects, prototypes and creations. Ateliers J&J, .Rad Product by Laurent Chabrier, Pierre-Emmanuel Vandeputte, Kaju Design, Twodesigners and Frédérique Ficheroulle may therefore get the chance to see one of their projects make it into production.