The next supper Retrofuturistic food concepts

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The Next Supper introduces an eclectic selection of globally inspired food concepts, designed by a group of students and recent graduates from SPD. The works on display explore the exchanges between past and present visions of nutrition and offer an original perspective on the preparation, on the consumption and on the individual and social enjoyment of food. The eighteen designs on display collectively illustrate the different emotional values that have always been connected to the experience of eating: irony, nostalgia, comfort, generosity, censure, hope. Progetti degli studenti e alumni: Laura Affinito, Enrico Bianchettin, Giorgio Bonaguro, Marta Carboni, Lorenzo Damiani, david/nicolas, Asher Goldberg, Khatira Huseynaliyeva, Hafsteinn Júlíusson, Concetta Lorenzo, Kostantia Manthou, Spyridoula Mantousi, Zeina Nassar, Keawkasam Nuttapong, Anna Ortoli, Rui Pereira, Hariadna Pinate Brito, Isaac Pineiro, Alessandro Stabile, Cristian Visentin.


The next supper

Retrofuturistic food concepts

Milano Design Week 14-18 aprile 2015 dalle 10 alle 20

Scuola Politecnica di Design SPD via Carlo Bo 7, 20134 Milano (MM2 Romolo)